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Autonomous Vehicle (urban city environment)

Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 23:04
by anthony
This simulation demonstrates an algorithm that allows autonomous vehicles to navigate in a typical urban city environment. Each vehicle has an onboard localisation sensor that allows it to follow a route that is defined by waypoints. These waypoints are strategically located at the intersections. Each vehicle is fitted with front facing proximity sensors. The algorithm uses the information from the proximity sensors to control the motion of the vehicle. For example, when the proximity sensors detect the presence of an obstacle in-front of the vehicle, the algorithm reduces the speed of the vehicle to avoid a collision. The environment is also fitted with infrastructure that is capable of wireless communication. Each set of traffic lights has a transmitter that wirelessly transmits the status of the traffic lights. To receive the transmitted traffic signal, each vehicle is outfitted with an onboard receiver. The algorithm then uses the received traffic light information to generate motion commands that allow the vehicle to react appropriately at intersections.

The models (vehicles and environment components) are constructed in 3dsmax and imported into V-REP.