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Dynamixel servos driven by V-rep

Posted: 13 Feb 2013, 18:42
by Eric
A robotic arm built with dynamixel servos is controlled from V-rep. In the simulation, the manipulator in the front is the master. We can modify its configuration by moving its end-tip in 3D with the mouse, or modify individually each of his joint angles using the GUI. The current angular configuration of this virtual manipulator is updating in real time, the angular configuration of the real robot.
The 2nd manipulator in simulation (in the back) is monitoring the angle of each dynamixel servos and updates in real time its own angular configuration accordingly.
When no real manipulator is plugged to the simulation, the 2nd manipulator is used as the slave of the first one. Instead of repeating the angular configuration of the real robot, it gets its angluar configuration from the master and acts as a dynamic simulation of the real manipulator.