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A VR360 video about our latest work created in V-REP

Posted: 14 May 2019, 13:12
by Boris
We created a virtual reality (360VR) video to explain and visualize our latest work about automated inspection planning. This video can be watched on a regular computer, or on a smartphone, but the optimal experience requires a virtual reality headset. What do you think, is a 360VR video an added value or just overkill?

How did I make this video:
- Set the V-REP scene as you want.
- Render 3 vision sensor images (top, forward, bottom, 90° perspective angle, positioned as a cube map).
- Do this also for the second eye (ie move the vision sensors approximately 70mm (ipd distance))
- Repeat this process for 4 different positions
- Stitch and warp these images into one image (in Matlab)
- Repeat for the next frame
- ...
- Inject spatial metadata