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360VR videos rendered with the V-REP VR Toolbox

Posted: 09 Sep 2019, 08:57
by Boris
I made some new 360VR videos with the V-REP VR Toolbox

All the renders were made using the VR360 cam tool.

How did I make this one:
- Create animations in V-REP (most of them in VR)
- Record animations with Matlab (external api)
- Replay animations using Matlab (trigger VR360cam per frame)
- Capture rendered images and put them in video

How did I make this one:
- Render 360 stereo image blender (with ray-tracing)
- Render frames with the VR360cam using transparent background (if there is demand, I will make this available in a next release)
- Overlay transparent renders over the nice ray-traced image (I use the VSDC movie editor which supports this)

I will update this thread if I make new videos to not flood the forum. Feedback on which of the two formats is best (or even negative feedback) is always welcome.