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Online robotics olympiad

Posted: 29 Apr 2020, 09:33
by Morgan

I invite students of secondary and high school to take part in the online robotics olympiad Innopolis Open in Robotics 2020.
The final of the "Manipulation IRS" nomination will be held using the simulator CoppeliaSim.
The organizers prepared a toolkit for the participants, containing models, CoppeliaSim scenes, draft programs and instructions.
The nomination has two age groups:
- junior (middle school, 12-14 years old): official page and toolkit
- senior (high school, 15-17 years old): official page and toolkit

For a quick start, watch this video (have English subtitles):

The official language of the Olympiad is Russian. Participation is absolutely free.

Send questions to the forum of the olympiad.

You can freely use scenes, models and programs from the toolkit to teach schoolchildren and students of robotics.