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Vortex within container

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I have installed V-Rep 3.6.2 with a licensed version of Vortex Studio within a software container but am experiencing unexpected behaviour from the simulation. When running the simulation from within the container shapes fall through the floor (I have checked that both shapes and floor are dynamic, collidable and respondable). However, if running in the same environment outside of a container I get the expected behaviour where objects collide with the floor. Are there any known issues that may be causing this behaviour?
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Re: Vortex within container

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when objects fall through the floor (or when collision response appears not to be working), this is often the consequence of a missing license key. That means that Vortex is probably not able to find its key through the container.
Best would be to check with CM Labs for this problem, since I feel it is Vortex-specific.


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