V-REP crashing with plugin using RealSense camera

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V-REP crashing with plugin using RealSense camera

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I'm working on a plugin where the goal is to use a RealSense RGBD camera to create a point cloud in V-REP.
I want to use the depth values returned by the camera to build a point cloud.
So far I have made a plugin that takes the depth values of the camera and puts them into an array which is an input into the simAddPointCloud() function. But while running the plugin V-REP crashes. I used simMsgBox to step through the program to see what is causing the crash, it seems to be when "rs2::pipeline" is called for the camera it causes V-REP to crash.

I am using V-REP 3.6.2 on Windows 10 and I am compiling the plugin with Qt 5.12.1, MSVC2017, MinGW 7.3.0.
I'm able to compile and run the BubbleRobot plugin and also I can compile and run my plugin until it gets to "rs2::pipeline" call.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: V-REP crashing with plugin using RealSense camera

Post by coppelia »

Hello Sean,

very difficult to say what is going on, since the crash occurs in a function of the RealSense API. What makes you think that the crash is caused by V-REP?


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