problem with python remoteApi.dll

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Hrithik Verma
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problem with python remoteApi.dll

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Although i have place , and remoteApi.dll in the same folder still its showing a problem:

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  import sim
  File "C:\Users\verma\Documents\vrep-python\", line 38, in <module>
    c_GetJointMaxForce          = ct.CFUNCTYPE(ct.c_int32,ct.c_int32, ct.c_int32, ct.POINTER(ct.c_float), ct.c_int32)(("simxGetJointMaxForce", libsimx))
AttributeError: function 'simxGetJointMaxForce' not found
I am not able to connect V-rep with python please help!!!!

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Re: problem with python remoteApi.dll

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what version of CoppeliaSim are you running? If you are not running the latest version, then use the correct release tag of the related library/repository, e.g.:

if you are running CoppeliaSim V4.0.0, then use these legacy remote API binding files, tagged as version V4.0.0, or this V4.0.0 source tree.


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