Joints breaking in CoppeliaSim 4.1.0

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Joints breaking in CoppeliaSim 4.1.0

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We have been running into some problems with joints:

We are building simulations with custom modeled robot modules, that have rotational joints and use force sensors to attach one module to another. Force sensors work alright, however with some robot configurations the internal rotational joints break apart in some of the modules. In the following link you can find a minimal example of this behavior: ... sp=sharing

We have observed this behavior in CoppeliaSim 4.1.0 (rev. 1) 64 bit (serialization version 22) in windows 10, the physics engine is Bullet 2.78 and the simulation settings are: Accurate (default) and dt = 50ms (default).

We have also noticed that when using the previous version (4.0.0) there is no problem.

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Re: Joints breaking in CoppeliaSim 4.1.0

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Hello Rodrigo,

I highly doubt that the same scene would not produce similar results with CoppeliaSim V.4.0.0...
The problem is actually that your dynamically enabled joint Revolute_joint0 has the force sensor Force_sensor#0 attached to it directly. Make sure to follows the requirements for dynamically enabled joints or force sensors.

So simply attach Force_sensor#0 to South0, and it won't break anymore. Also, the mechanism is dancing on the floor. This is very probably because you are not using pure shapes for your respondable bodies.


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