RG2 closing inappropriately

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RG2 closing inappropriately

Post by allen0413 »

Hi there,

I'm developing a project that learns to grab things with a RG2 gripper. By speeding the training process, I would like to raise the motorVelocity (In its child script), but here comes the problem.

When motorVelocity gets larger (like 1 m/s), the left and right touches start to close and open with different speeds, which is inappropriate because this affects the grasping result.

Is there any way I can do to solve it?

P.S. Is headless mode speeding the simulation process? Or just closing GUI ?


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Re: RG2 closing inappropriately

Post by coppelia »


1 m/s is very fast for a linear actuator in your gripper. I wouldn't go higher than that anyways.
To speed-up the training process, you can adjust/modify several otheer parameters:
  • run in headless mode
  • or disable visualization temporarily (you have a toolbar button for that)
  • switch to a different physics engine and/or to a different calculation mode (e.g. from accurate to fast)
  • reduce the number of calculations wherever possible (e.g. you can explicitely handle vision sensors or proximity sensors, and have them compute a new value only every nth simulation step, instead of every simulation step.
  • etc.

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