Robot break during path execution

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Robot break during path execution

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I have problem with path execution, on picture we can see 3 robots (left picture is kind of simulation real enviorment, right
two robots are responsible for calculation parts). On right side full colour robot should follow shadow but during move, which not happen often, robot broke as we can see on picture. What can be wrong?

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Re: Robot break during path execution

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it is difficult to analyze what is going on from images and your explanation. Could it be that the dynamic and visible parts do not overlay or do not match? Does the robot look broken when looking at it while verifying the dynamic content of the scene (the toolbar button with the bouncing ball)?

Also, it appears you have two robots operating at the same location, is the collision happening between them?

If you can post a minimalistic, self-contained scene for us to inspect, that would be easiest.


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