UnsatisfiedLinkError when calling simxSetObjectQuaternion in remoteAPI (java)

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UnsatisfiedLinkError when calling simxSetObjectQuaternion in remoteAPI (java)

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I am using the remote API in java without problems. However, when I call simxSetObjectQuaternion, I get a java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError. I checked that I am using the right dll from CoppeliaSim 4.2.0.
Doing dumpbin /EXPORTS remoteApiJava.dll reports(showing only "simxSetObject" functions):

Code: Select all

102   65 000072B0 Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectFloatParam
103   66 000072B0 Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectFloatParameter
104   67 000072D0 Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectInt32Param
105   68 000072D0 Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectIntParameter
106   69 000072F0 Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectOrientation
107   6A 000073F0 Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectParent
108   6B 00007420 Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectPosition
109   6C 000074F0 Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectSelection
245   F4 00013720 simxSetObjectFloatParam
246   F5 000137F0 simxSetObjectFloatParameter
247   F6 00013800 simxSetObjectInt32Param
248   F7 000138D0 simxSetObjectIntParameter
249   F8 000138E0 simxSetObjectOrientation
250   F9 000139C0 simxSetObjectParent
251   FA 00013A80 simxSetObjectPosition
252   FB 00013B60 simxSetObjectQuaternion
253   FC 00013C60 simxSetObjectSelection
Notice that simxSetObjectQuaternion is there but there is no Java_coppelia_remoteApi_simxSetObjectQuaternion. Is this a bug?

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Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError when calling simxSetObjectQuaternion in remoteAPI (java)

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yes, thank you, that is a bug. Please use instead simxSetObjectOrientation@java, or use simxCallScriptFunction@java to mimic a same behaviour.


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