Support for accelerated physics engines?

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Support for accelerated physics engines?

Post by diamondgeezer »

Hi guys,
We are looking at V-REP with NAO model for a large new EU-funded robotics research project, however it would require multiple simulations to be run at once on the same box.
Do you now support, or planning to, support using a physics engine with GPU acceleration (such as PHysX) to provide suffiicent power to make this possible?
I know that Bullet has bits of GPU acceleration in beta releases and so on, but this has been "just round the corner" for several years and has not really progressed.
Best Regards

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Re: Support for accelerated physics engines?

Post by coppelia »

Hello Alan,

the GPU acceleration is specific to the used physics engine, and would be nice to have if correctly and efficiently implemented. We can assist you for the integration of another physics engine if needed.

This is not the same as GPU acceleration, but in case of having multiple simulations run at once, you can launch V-REP in headless mode several times in parallel.


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Re: Support for accelerated physics engines?

Post by neostek »

Hello Alan,

I'm the guy that developed NAO in V-REP. I'm interested in your project of integrating GPU acceleration during simulation.
Did you make any progress from the date of the post?
If you are interested in, I also developed a bridge with NAOQI software for V-REP and I'm searching for people interested in it that test and expand it, as described viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3347&p=13517&hilit=nao#p13517. If you are interested, please let me know.

In addition, I can send to you the new model of the NAO in V-REP. It is very similar to the existing one, except for some mass/inertia, tuned as the real robot.

Let me know. Thank you,

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