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VREP Forum modification

Post by minisch » 10 Dec 2014, 12:06

Hi to everyone,

I am new user of VREP and I find really useful the forum. It could be also more useful if it would be disabled the feature that doesn't allow any user writing a message after a minimum amount of time. It is frustrating to have a conversation on the forum and not being able to post the reply when you want to do it.

It is a suggestion of course and I hope it will arrive to the admins of the website.


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Re: VREP Forum modification

Post by Eric » 10 Dec 2014, 14:48


You are right! This feature can be very frustrating. It has been set as a drastic measure to prevent some trolling some years ago, and as any drastic measure, there could be some bad collateral damages. Agh the internet ...


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