Testing/upgrading NAOqi in V-REP: searching team

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Testing/upgrading NAOqi in V-REP: searching team

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Hello everyone,

this is not a usual feature request but a request for people who are interested in helping me in upgrading and extending my plugin for the NAO robot in V-REP.

I developed a plugin for V-REP that creates a communication between Chroregraphe (more in general NAOQI) and the simulated NAO in V-REP. What I did is a plugin that uses the simulatorSDK from Aldebaran and communicates with NAOQI. In few words, the NAOQI thinks that it is talking to the real robot, instead this plugin maps the commands sent by NAOQI to the simulated robot in V-REP and sends the joints information back from V-REP to NAOQI. However, this plugin is not ready yet for releasing (it is in beta version right now).
Some people are currently using it but it may contain some bugs, so I want to test it in details before releasing it. I have no so much time to work on it, so I need your help.

The plugins lacks a little bit of easiness for the installation (it is not super-hard anyway...). I wrote an installation guide for that. What I need is some people that test it in details and searches for bugs. He/she has to be really independent and has a medium/advanced level in C++/Cmake. The plugin is actually developed for Linux and Mac. No support for Windows (there are a couple of modifications that needs to be done).

It is important to underline that the people who will receive the plugin (through a repository) has to commit and update it in order to make the plugin stable and functional (so I'm not searching for people that want their modifications for their own and just use the plugin).

PRO: you receive and can use this software for your research activities (hopefully citing me :-) )
CONS: some work to do!

If you are interested in this project, do not hesitate to write me with more details. I hope to receive as many requests as possible!

Thank you,

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