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Control the Manipulator by RosInterface

Posted: 12 Sep 2016, 12:01
by fei_6

I am a beginner of vrep, but I want to use ROS to control the manipulator in vrep. I have used the vrep_ros_bridge to do the things, and I am going to use the RosInterface for control. So is there any example for me to learn how to control the joint of manipulator by RosInterface?

Thank you for the attention and I look forward to hearing from you.

Cong Wang

Re: Control the Manipulator by RosInterface

Posted: 13 Sep 2016, 15:29
by coppelia

the first thing is to decide of a message you want to use. Then, you need to intercept that message in V-REP, and translate it into joint movements.
A good start would be the demo scene rosInterfaceTopicPublisherAndSubscriber.ttt: that scene subscribes to a sensor_msgs/Image message and applies the received data in V-REP.

The procedure of what you need to do is similar, but for a different message type (and different API functions).