Congradulations on CoppeliaSim!

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Congradulations on CoppeliaSim!

Post by lshachar »

I just couldn't help but say something... I was just looking for some good ole' api help on your website, and I saw we just got a new favourite robotics simulator! 😄😄

It's a good time to say BIG thank you to coppeliarobotics, for everything that your simulator taught me to do ❤️
thank you for being so responsive on the forum (extremely useful examples!) . for having such great api documentation and help files. Thank you!

It's not easy to say goodbye to V-rep, but hey, I bet I'm one of the earliest adopters to CoppeliaSim, so at least I got that!

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Re: Congradulations on CoppeliaSim!

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Thanks :)

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