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CoppeliaSim in FRC

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FRC (First Robotics Competition) is a substantial US based robotics competition, which is held in many other countries around the world. I have been mentoring team #4590 Greenblitz for the the past 3 years. last year we built a game simulation in Vrep (r.i.p) and published for everyone to use.
However, unfortunately, our simulator does not run any of the actual robot code that is used on an actual target.
This is because FRC is using WPIlib to control robots, a translation layer needs to be written between WPIlib and CoppeliaSim's api, but this task proved to be too big for us in the last 3 years.
(or, a complete replacement of the WPIlib with a WPIlib Simulation library.)

FRC has had many half-baked attempts at robotics simulation; in Gazebo sim, synthesis, and many many others.

We've also tried to push on the idea to the FRC community and talked with the developers who've worked on some of the previous simulators, but we didn't bear fruit.

I'm sure cSim (coppeliaSim) wil be used by thosands of FRC groups around the world if it was able to run the actual robot code, as it is normally written.

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