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some personal advice

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Firstly, I hope the user manual can be published in PDF so that we can read it offline. It is not easy to learn by jumping around on the web all the time.
Secondly, CoppeliaSim Software embedded lua files are expected to support keyboard shortcuts, such as code comment function (CTRL +/). Meanwhile, I hope the lua editor support multiple editor modes on Linux and support their keyboard shortcuts, such as Vim. Then It's much more powerful and convenient. This is just a little bit of personal advice on software learning and using.

Thanks a lot.



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Re: some personal advice

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packing the whole user manual into a PDF file would be too large I am afraid. But there are a couple of solutions that convert a website to a PDF file.
About the script editor: have a look at the system/usrset.txt file, where you can specify an external editor via externalScriptEditor variable (assign the editor executable to that variable)


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