Add a command palette in CoppliaSim to fasten operation

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Add a command palette in CoppliaSim to fasten operation

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After using VScode and CoppliaSim, I noticed that there is a necessity to add command palette (ctrl+shift+p) to CoppliaSim. In short, the reason is to fasten operation. For details, I give reasons below.

While I am working in CoppliaSim, I usually take a little time to think where to find the button which implemented my excepted function. I think it is due to the failure to find inner pattern of command grouping. After I got where I need to access my excepted function, I will need to move the cursor from the model I am working on to the panel button, which will still takes me some time, I mean, from right to the left, and then click through button to find it.

I always think search bar on the taskbar in Windows 10 is a great improvement on accessibilty. I wouldn't discuss about ergonomics here. But I would like to give some hints about the necessity of search bar for command on UI.
  • People think up function first, as well as the word of the function, but not the icon on panel. This is due to we have been being trained
    to connect function with word in our daily life for many year before we use CoppliaSim. A problem needed to be noticed here is that people may use different word to discribe a function. This is why fuzzy search is needed.
  • Operation time = Thinking time + Action Time.
    Operation time using button = Thinking function time + Thinking function location time + Action of moving to button + Action of clicking through buttons + Action of searching for button on the panel.
    Operation time using command palette = Thinking function time + Action of typing the function characters.
    Since Thinking function time is same, the time difference is depend on the duration of Action time.
    If command palette is implemented good, it needs 3 or 4 characters to type at most.
The main problem of searching in Command palette is that we need to move hand from mouse to keyboard. The problem could be weakened by using good configuration for shortcut and good algorithm for patterning.

Someone may say that the shortcut is enough for fastening operation. While I think shortcut is important, but remembering many shortcuts would be burden. Besides, it is worthy noting that CoppliaSim lacks enough shortcuts.

Above is almost all my opinions on Command palette.

Best regards.

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Re: Add a command palette in CoppliaSim to fasten operation

Post by coppelia »

Thanks a lot for the input!

We are actually planning in completely reworking the GUI. This is a very large task, and will take some time.
Stay tuned...


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