API access to Clipping Plane for Cameras

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API access to Clipping Plane for Cameras

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I am working on making mixed reality videos using coppeliasim. To do this well I need to be able to separate my video stream coming from coppeliasim into a background and a foreground. I have my system working using vision sensors but this is of course very slow when I then ask it for a couple of 1080p views. :)

If I could use Cameras instead of Vision sensors it should take care of my performance problem. So, I would appreciate it if the near and far clipping planes were added to the API object parameters for Cameras. Then I could get a high resolution video stream without the massive performance hit.

Thanks a lot! :)

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Re: API access to Clipping Plane for Cameras

Post by coppelia »


sure! In next release those will be available via sim.camerafloatparam_near_clipping and sim.camerafloatparam_far_clipping and sim.setObjectFloatParameter.


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