pass-thru passive joint

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pass-thru passive joint

Post by fferri »

How to implement such a joint? (see picture)


It is a passive joint but with two links attached on opposite sides.

I tried several variants, but the links always fall off when moving away from the standard configuration 1 link -> 1 joint -> 1 link

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Re: pass-thru passive joint

Post by coppelia »


you should always think in terms of rigid bodies. In your situation, if your bodies were independent from each other (not a rigid body), then you would have to add a second revolute passive joint.

But since your two bodies are part of the same rigid body, you should combine them. You have two possibilities for that:
  • either you group them (select them, then [menu bar --> Edit --> Grouping/Merging --> Group selected shapes])
  • either you link them via a force/torque sensor, which acts as a rigid joint. So you would have: Cuboid --> Revolute_joint --> Cuboid0 --> ForceSensor --> Cuboid1

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