Robot model slippery, slides no friction

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Davide Zanin
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Robot model slippery, slides no friction

Post by Davide Zanin »

I got an issue with a humanoid robot imported from URDF format. When it start walking (via a ROS node) the feet slips and it doesn't go ahead.

I tried changing friction value but it doesn't work.


(sorry for my english)

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Re: Robot model slippery, slides no friction

Post by coppelia »

Hello Davide,

Did you try to change the physics engine to see if there is a difference? V-REP offers 2 physics engines to allow quickly assessing various problems related to dynamics (but also to be able to use specific features depending on the simulation).

In addition to that, be aware that an imported model from URDF will almost always have to be adjusted. Typically:

- Joint properties
- shape properties (e.g. fricition coefficients)
- Respondable masks
- etc.

Also, and this is very important, make sure to use pure shapes for the feet of your humanoid model. Only pure shapes guarantee a fast and stable collision response calculation. Refer to the design considerations 1-3 here.


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