Problems with line following tutorial

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Problems with line following tutorial

Post by Scottie » 18 Mar 2014, 06:46

Hello everybody there,

I am trying to finish the line following tutorial, but I have problems because the bobBob doesn't follow the line in the ground.
I have copied and paste the source code, but the robot doesn't respond correctly.

When it finds the line for first time makes a small movement so as to follow it, but since then it doesn't make any other further correction movement and moves in a straight line. I suppose that some of the vision sensors don't work. How can I check it?

Any other ideas for what I am doing wrong? Do you need some extra data (scene or code)?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

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Re: Problems with line following tutorial

Post by coppelia » 18 Mar 2014, 21:22

Hello Nikolas,

to check whether a vision sensor operates correctly, open a floating view (in the scene, [right-click --> Add --> Floating view]), then select the vision sensor. Then, in the floating view, [right click --> View --> Associate view with selected vision sensor]. Then run the simulation. The floating view should display correct information. If this is not the case, then adjust the openGl settings (Offscreen context type or FBO type) and see if the results are better. You could of course also run a few of the demo scenes that make use of vision sensors, to see it you are facing a compatibility problem with your graphic card.


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