AR Drone Compatibility

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AR Drone Compatibility

Post by AndrewBaker »

Thank you for creating some terrific software!!! Do you have any information on how this could be used in conjunction with real hardware (AR Drone Quadcopter). Could V-Rep transmit commands to the AR Drone? Any information would be very much appreciated.

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Re: AR Drone Compatibility

Post by coppelia »

Hello Andrew,

You have many different options to connect V-REP with real hardware, some of them are:

- via the remote API. You just need to add 2-3 C-files to your project, in order to connect to V-REP (function calls as well as data streaming is supported)
- via a plugin. The plugin is then in charge of connecting to your hardware.
- via the ROS interface to V-REP.
- via a custom solution. For instance, you could implement a child script that connects via luaSocket to your hardware.

We however recommend the first solution mentioned, since it is the easiest to set-up.

Have also a look at the demo scene "scenes/controlTypeExamples.ttt" (included in the installation package), which demonstrates above mentioned possibilities. Have also a look here for a good overview.


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