VREP-ROS Services Vs Topics

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VREP-ROS Services Vs Topics

Post by amattag »

Dear all,

Right now I am working in a project that will involve the creation of several nodes following the VREP-ROS approach.
From your perspective, which is better to use: ROS Services or ROS Topics as a means to communicate with VREP.
I also intend to use the rospy library intensively.

Kind regards and many thanks for your help.


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Re: VREP-ROS Services Vs Topics

Post by coppelia »

Hello Antonio,

you should use both of them, depending on what you want to do!

But very briefly:
  • With services, you will get a concrete reply for your query, e.g. what is the handle of object 'joint42'?.
  • With topics, you will stream data that is often used and often changes, e.g. send me continuously the position of joint with handle x.

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