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BRAITENBERG CODE:Proximity Sensors Simulation

Posted: 14 Jun 2014, 11:29
by cena

1) How do I see the proximity sensors working ( the conical rays ) like it is shown in the video-
Robot Simulator V-REP: Proximity Sensors Simulation

2) And could you please help me understand the BRAITENBERG CODE used by the pioneer robot by commenting it as i am new to programming, for example how do you calculate the weight values in the code?

Kind regards

Re: BRAITENBERG CODE:Proximity Sensors Simulation

Posted: 16 Jun 2014, 10:08
by coppelia
Hello Maruf,

about your questions:

1) You can visualize hidden layers by toggling some layers.

2) Well, I think it will be quicker if you rewrite the Braitenberg vehicle code yourself. The current code is just meant as an example, and is not perfect anyway.