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Hot to compile plugin

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I got the new version of 'import URDF' module (as plugin example) but I faced some problem in how to generate the .so to put in the main folder. I found a solution but I'm not sure it is the direct one. Then I would like to know the 'official' procedure. In that way, other users can also use this as tutorial.
The things that I know are needed are (for v-rep v3.0.1):

1) Qt libraries 4.8.1
2) gcc

Then I open qtcreator (file .pro) and then I build the code (that was copied in the programming folder). It creates some files and I copied the .so (not the linking file but the core one) to the main folder of V-rep. Is that correct?

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Re: Hot to compile plugin

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That sounds correct.
The URDF plugin contains a Qt dialog, for that reason you will have to compile it with Qt (best and easiest is if you install Qt creator with all the libraries of the Qt SDK. The version of the library is important, it should be the same as the one V-REP is using (otherwise you might experience compatibility problems with Qt).
The plugin compiles to on Linux. Just take that file and copy it into the main V-REP folder. Restart V-REP. The console should mention that the URDF plugin was correctly loaded.


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