Bill Inverse kinematics

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Bill Inverse kinematics

Post by Snork_svk » 22 Jul 2014, 08:10

Hello Marc

I have a little problem, I have made ​​an application. through LabVIEW picking up my movements through the ASUS Xtion PRO.
I created a skeleton and body, by which it seeks to control a modified version of the Bill (added / modified joints, collision space and dummy kinematics of inversion)

The problem is that I do not watch the shoulder joints sought after location dummy as shown in Figure

I attach the scene and if you had the time I would be grateful if you could look at it and try to help me in setting

Best regards

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Re: Bill Inverse kinematics

Post by coppelia » 22 Jul 2014, 14:51

Hi Peter,

if I understood you correctly, you are trying to reproduce a recorded movement, by constraining various body elements via IK.
I had a quick look, and it seems that your elbows are constrained, but not in position (for the elbows you have only the gamma constraint turned on). You should turn on the x, y and z constraint. And you should have at least one joint in your IK chain. In current situation, you have zero joints in the given IK chain, since the first joint is indicated as base (and the base is not part of an IK chain). Finally, I would consider using a spherical joint for the shoulders and/or the elbows, to give a little bit more of freedom to Bill.


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