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Quadcopter Path Planning

Posted: 28 May 2015, 14:22
by DannyYeong

I'm trying to simulate a Search-And-Rescue for my self-made quad human detection:

I'm not sure to which method is the most flexible approach between these 2:

1) To pre-set a path plan towards a target(human,for my case) and let the other Quads converge to the detected target
2) To program the vision sensor attached to the Quad, modifying its course to the target instead of the default sweep area path.

If no.2's more efficient, is my approach below viable?

Note: The Quad will have a default sweep path before the process below occurs:

1)Vision sensor programmed to detect a certain colour (human colour)
2)After detection, the camera attached on quad body will "bend" towards the target (using pitch and roll).
3)Camera will receive the co-ordinates from the target.
4)Co-ordinates will be sent to Quad body's script.
5)Quad will have a new Target (ignore default pre-set path) and move towards Target.
6)Other Quads roaming will converge to the same target.