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Low lFPS Simulation

Posted: 06 Aug 2015, 18:38
by DannyYeong

My current simulation FPS is quite low, 15FPS average. I know that the imported meshes should be modified to have less number of triangles. But for the moment, can I reduce the "graphics" quality of the surroundings? Here's a picture showing my simulation. Are there any other ways to improve FPS?

Image Link:

Re: Low lFPS Simulation

Posted: 07 Aug 2015, 09:11
by coppelia
Hello Danny,

are you talking about the fps during simulation, or when simulation is not running?
If simulation is not running, you don't have much more choices than to simplify some of the complex meshes in the scene. When you have a high-triangle count and large mesh, it sometimes also helps to subdivide the mesh into several smaller meshes, since view frustum culling will first check if the bounding box of a shape is inside the view frustum.
To simplify shapes, have a look at following tools:
  • Models/tools/mesh inside outside separation tool.ttm
  • Models/tools/mesh decimation tool.ttm
If your fps is low during simulation, you will first have to identify what takes longest during a simulation step: vision sensors? dynamics? scene rendering?