Maximum Field of View

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Maximum Field of View

Post by Tobias »

Hello everybody,

maybe a stupid question but I try to adjust the camera "perspect. anble" to 180 degree but the max. seems to be 135. Is it possible to get 180 degree?

I want to accomplish some kind of fish-eye perspective. I also remember there was some topic about that in the forum but I can not find it.


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Re: Maximum Field of View

Post by coppelia »

Hello Tobi,

a camera has the field of view limited, since OpenGl will not produce such a fish-eye view.
You could however use the model Models/components/sensors/spherical vision sensor RGB.ttm. By default, it will simulate a 360x180 field of view, but you can adjust its script simulation parameters to achieve the fish-eye field of view.


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