collision detection missing question

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collision detection missing question

Post by SamuelXu »

I hit an issue on collision detection.
The scenario is: I imported a STL model as object t A, which is constructed externally apps, and placed a cuboid B in the path of this imported object A. Then A can move to hit B
Here A is an vehicle, almost a cube, while some part is concave of cube size
λ A and B are in same visibility layer
λ I make sure object A & B’s“collidable” is checked
λ I also added a collision object C to detect collision between object A and rest entity
Collision obviously happens between between A and B, since A is forced stopped by B, while C’s collision counter still zero
I also tried following steps, still no collision detection.
λ I tried ODE and Bullet, both hit same missing  collision detection
λ I tried to modify the dynamic properties: collision margin scaling to smallest value
Is there any missing step of my collision detection setting?
BTW, While when I tried another way to enlarge a lot of the geometry size of A, looks sometime it can triger C’s collision counter. Back to the normal default size of A, collision counter always zero

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Re: collision detection missing question

Post by coppelia »


I am not sure I understand your question. Do you want to detect collision, or a collision response. From your question I guess you just want to check whether two shapes overlap.

So your two shapes need to be collidable. Then, you have 2 possibilities:
a) you can either create a collision object (make sure it is between shape A and shape B, and that explicit handling is not checked.

b) you can simply check the collision state inside of a script with simCheckCollision(shapeA,shapeB).

Make sure to post your scene so that we can check what is going on, otherwise it is difficult to track your bug.


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