Optimal hardware/OS for V-REP performance

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Optimal hardware/OS for V-REP performance

Post by Justus »


We are building a dedicated system (PC) for V-REP to maximize simulation performance. Is there information available on this subject?
I.e.: CPU (Intel Xeon/i7? AMD?), OS (Linux/Windows?), memory (the simulation does not seem to use much), etc.

In an ideal situation, we would run a V-REP instance headless on a server, from which we stream data to do 3D rendering on a client side V-REP instance (or other 3D engine, like POV-ray or three.js). Is such a setup possible?


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Re: Optimal hardware/OS for V-REP performance

Post by coppelia »

Hello Justus,

the main simulation loop basically runs single threaded, so having more cores will not make a big difference (unless you have many remote API clients or similar). Running V-REP in headless mode, you will have to use a vision sensor for the visualization. The best option you currently have is to have a look at the programming/v_repExtExternalRenderer or programming/v_repExtPovRay plugin examples: by modifying them, you can send the display data to a third-party display logic (e.g. three.js), if you write that interface.


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