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VREP plug ins

Posted: 26 Mar 2017, 23:54
by Modi
Dear Sir:

I am using remote API in Matlab to control the scene in VREP, due to communication delays, my control loop in Matlab is updated at about 20HZ, which is not enough for my application, my question is:
Would it be faster if I used a plug in instead of the use of remote API? If so is there a way to generate a plug in from my Matlab code?


Re: VREP plug ins

Posted: 29 Mar 2017, 09:40
by coppelia

yes, indeed, a plugin would be much faster, since your code could run in the same thread as the simulation thread. But this is also more difficult to do.
Now, Matlab is able to generate shared libraries. From there, you can link from your plugin to that library.