Python Remote API Sensor Output Issue

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Python Remote API Sensor Output Issue

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Hello everyone, I have started to learn ROS and V-REP a few days ago for a summer study and I've been reading/watching since then.

Earlier today, I was watching this video and at the exact time I where I gave link, the tutor gets sensor read data from Python. But when I try to get sensor data with command

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errorCode,sensor1=vrep.simxGetObjectHandle(clientID, 'Pioneer_p3dx_ultrasonicSensor1', vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot_wait)
I get the errorCode variable as 3 and sensor1 value as 0 which is as I understand because no values have been returned (1) and then request timed out (2) = 3. There is a cuboid which is far an adequate distance from the Pioneer p3dx which is Renderable, Collidable and Detectable (by all sensors).

I have tried replace cuboid if it is neither too close nor too far, checked if sensors work in simulation if there is a slight chance of simulation error, checked my setup as I can but couldn't find a solution, unfortunately.

This is a screenshot of the sim:

Is there anyone who has had this issue or know what may cause no-value return to occur?
Thanks in advance,

EDIT: I don't know how but after resetting Renderable/Collidable/Detectable properties the issue was fixed, but after reverting it was still fixed too. Couldn't find what was wrong but seems like the procedure I wrote above wasn't faulty, so this post should not be misleading.

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