Baxter camera view

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Baxter camera view

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I'm trying to start working with Baxter model camera views, but can't seem to see anything via the vision sensors (Baxter_leftArm_camera, Baxter_rightArm_camera), using default settings, which have been associated with a floating view.

No matter what is in the scene, or where I move the arms, I just see a solid grey output.

The default settings on the camera appear have all vision sensors enabled, and all elements in the scene detectable.

Any hints on what the next, elementary debug steps are?


UPDATE 1: as I'm running Baxter via a remote API, I'd disabled *all* the scripts, including the non-threaded script which appears to handle some sensor config. Enabling that script seems to switch on the ultrasound sensors, but I still can't see anything through the vision sensors....

UPDATE 2: ..and then I see that script has the cameras disabled. Doh!

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