Get the argument (orientation) of a 2D vector

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Get the argument (orientation) of a 2D vector

Post by DavideIng »

I am trying to implement the Particle-Swarm algorithm using a swarm of ePucks, to do that I need to get the absolute orientation (absolute argument) of a vector.
I don't know how to do that from a Threaded child script, can someone help me?

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Get the argument (orientation) of a 2D vector

Post by coppelia »


to get the orientation of a scene object's reference frame relative to the world reference frame, simply do:

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local eulerAngles=simGetObjectOrientation(objectHandle,-1)
Above will return the Euler angles of the frame in radians. If you however need the X, Y or Z-vector of the reference frame, then do like:

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local matrix=simGetObjectMatrix(objectHandle,-1)
local xVector={matrix[1],matrix[5],matrix[9]}
local yVector={matrix[2],matrix[6],matrix[10]}
local zVector={matrix[3],matrix[7],matrix[11]}

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