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Draw a dashed line

Posted: 19 Dec 2017, 11:53
by neostek
Hi everyone,

my question is really simple but I did not find any clear reply. Is it possible to draw a dotted/dashed line in V-REP? I'm pretty sure it is possible but I do not find out how (when one clicks on an object in V-REP a dashed box appears...).

I looked at the options of the function simAddDrawingObject without any success. And, in case, can I also set the dashes lenght, etc?

Any hint?

Thank you. Best regards,

Re: Draw a dashed line

Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 16:54
by coppelia
Hello Noestek,

unfortunately, you can't. Your best option is to mimic that with several lines. But the result is not really the same.