Conveyor Belt using proximity sensors Tutorial

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Conveyor Belt using proximity sensors Tutorial

Post by NivX » 27 Aug 2013, 23:25

Hello V-rep team

i'm trying to build a little project in V-rep using Conveyor Belt and proximity sensors
the main idea is like the Conveyor Belt in the cashiers at the supermarket only moving automatic

1. i puts two of proximity sensors (ray type) at point A of the Conveyor Belt (the strarter point of the path), and another proximity sensor at point B (the end of the Conveyor Belt path)

2.when object moves along the path from point A to point B, when he gets to poing B i need the Conveyor Belt to stop until point B is empty

3.the Conveyor Belt will return to work only if poing B is empty from objects and point A is not, otherwise the default status is off.

maybe you guys can give me some Tutorial about how to build this
thank you very much

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Re: Conveyor Belt using proximity sensors Tutorial

Post by coppelia » 28 Aug 2013, 09:39


have a look at the demo scene BarrettHandPickAndPlace.ttt: load it, and remove everything except for one conveyor belt with its boxes. Then you can inspect the content of the child script attached to the conveyor belt model.


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