Modelling Environment

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Modelling Environment

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I have a general question about modeling an environment in/for V-Rep.
Actually I want to test some algorithms working with camera-data from the simulation, but until now the quality of textures and surface-appearance isn't "realistic" enough.

I have started to model obstacles and elements for the simulation in blender, add some textures and export them as .obj files to include them in the simulation. As I am no expert in blender, the result is accordingly bad, but as I actually don't want to waste too much time on getting better in using this tool I hope for some alternative ideas how to model more realistic environments.

An example which goes in the right direction can be found here:

I hope you can give me some useful advice!

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Modelling Environment

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the visual representation in V-REP is not at all comparable with what you can get with games or other types of vision-focused application, unfortunately. We hope however to switch to a better graphics engine at some point in the future.


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