sim.rmlPos ?

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sim.rmlPos ?

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Good morning,
I'm using "sim.rmlPos" in order to follow some objects placed on a convejor belt with my Scara robot. This should be done in inverse kinematics mode. Therefore, I decided to calculate the joints positions with "sim.checkIkGroup" and pass them to "sim.rmlPos". I put this in a while-loop because my object is moving along the conveyor belt, so at each iteration my script calculates the Scara jointValues in order to reach the object which keeps moving along the conveyor belt. Once reached it, the suctionPad should grasp it, move it and release it in another position. And the cycle keeps going on with the second object and so on.

Everything seems to work fine except for the part where the suctionPad should grasp the object. It seems that the script doesn't never exit from the while-loop. Once it reached the object, it keeps to follow it.
Any idea why?

If it could be useful, I post here my scene. ... i.ttt?dl=0


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