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Joint velocity

Posted: 31 Aug 2018, 13:47
by Bellinsbauer
Good morning.
I am wondering if V rep has a function which retrieves, instead of the joint position values as in sim.checkIkGroup, the joint velocity values, those obtained knowing the inverse of the Jacobian and the velocity of the gripper ( Q°=J^(-1)*S° ).
In my task I'm using sim.rmlPos to follow an object which is moving on a conveyor belt with my joints set in IK mode.

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This function is in a while loop because I should calculate at each iteration my new jointValues to reach the object which is moving. And they are easy to calculate with "sim.checkIkGroup". But what about Qtarget[1] and Qtarget[2]? They can not be 0 because my object is moving at a certain velocity and therefore I should apply this Q°=J^(-1)*S° where S° is the velocity of my object and J is the Jacobian. I tried to calculate Q° and the Jacobian manually at each iteration as following

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but something is wrong.

Could you suggest me something?