Problem about running locking screw process

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Problem about running locking screw process

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I constructed a screw-locking system, the robotic arm will grasp the screw and lock the rectangular component. This process will be repeated three times. However, the simulation time each process take is different and is longer than the previous process. I can't figure out where the problem is. Here is my file: ... V3c2kmYhm8

Please help me, thank you!

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Re: Problem about running locking screw process

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It appears that the dynamic content includes non-pure non-convex shapes. This is never recommended since this will drastically slow down the simulation, and in addition to that, non-pure non-convex shapes are not as stable as pure shapes or convex shapes. To find the incriminating shape(s), make sure to inspect the dynamic scene content by using the dedicated toolbar button.
Indeed, the screws and the other parts interacting with the screws are non convex (green edges in the dynamic content viewer), and you can see them wiggle during the simulation.

Consider simplifying your dynamic content (see Design consideration 2 in Designing dynamic simulations).

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