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How to control UARM with python (remote API)

Posted: 28 Jan 2019, 15:44
by esperancaleo
I'm doing a Deep RL work using Vrep and Python, but stuck in how to control the UARM using python.

I can start and finish simulation and other things, but Idk what I have to use to control the uarm. Would like to use like we choose a servo positioning X, is that possible? If yes, how can I do that, what I need to get from vrep with the python API and if not, how can I work arround this issue?

thanks in advance.

Re: How to control UARM with python (remote API)

Posted: 29 Jan 2019, 14:19
by coppelia

you will have to adjust the child scripts attached to the UARM. You have several ways to send commands to those child scripts. E.g. with simxSetFloatSignal, or simxCallScriptFunction. The last option is the better one since you can send more or less random data and have the called script perform a very specific task.


Re: How to control UARM with python (remote API)

Posted: 16 Feb 2019, 18:54
by esperancaleo
ok, can you explain me more? maybe with code examples? or a link to a tutorial somewhere? i can get actual angles but i cant move the robot the way i want. i was trying to use set joint position but no success. my first time using vrep, dunno anything about lua scripts