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I'm trying to model a hexapod with a base plate and then 6 linearly actuated pistons and then the upper platform but I struggle to assemble the upper plate to their respective spherical joints that are mounted on the pistons, because the upper plate has to be connected to all of them. Is there a way to do this ?

In addition the simulation seems to be very unstable because I had to model a piston which is a non-convex shape but I guess there is no way of solving this problem.


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Re: Hexapod

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Can you not remodel the non-convex object as a group of several convex ones?

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Re: Hexapod

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You will have to model your hexapod from the base up, ending with a tree-like structure, where each leg represents a tree branch.

Make sure to check how the hexapod model in the model library was designed.


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