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Making the floor "invisible" to proximity sensors

Posted: 27 Feb 2019, 16:04
by RobAtLab
Ok, so in the real world I have a robot with a reflection based IR sensor, the stronger the intensity of modulated pulsed IR that comes back is the closer and/or largr an obstacle is. In the real world this sees the floor as a base level of reflection and I can recognise objects by seeing values greater than the intenst level due to floor reflections. On a normal V-REP object I could just turn off visibility for the object, but the floor object doesn't seem to act like a normal V-REP object, I can't seem to get at it's options for visibility to proximity sensors. Any tips? Also is there any practical way to get some kind of reflection like value which will change dependning on how much of the cone has stuff in it and how close that stuff is? The units can be pretty arbitrary as they are for real IR reflection sensors. Or is my only option to make the floor undetectable and just get shortest distances to other objects in the proximity cone? Thanks

Re: Making the floor "invisible" to proximity sensors

Posted: 01 Mar 2019, 15:14
by coppelia
The floor is a model, and it contains objects that are detectable, and other objects that are not detectable. YOu'll have to either open the model hierarchy to parse through its objects, or you can, in the model properties, check Model is not detectable.

You can also adjust your proximity sensor's Limited angle detection.