simxGetJointForce, how to get right forces?

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simxGetJointForce, how to get right forces?

Post by MaartenHo » 11 Apr 2019, 07:51


Here I am again.. I'm still working on the case where the frame moves up and down and I still don't get the right forces of the object when I use simxGetJointForce. I understand it's because the prismatic joint is related to the revolute joint, which is also related to another revolute joint.

My question now is: Can I solve the problem and get the right forces but still have a correct working of the frame that moves up and down while the axis and motor rotates?

I also think that my code in Matlab isn't correct yet, but I'm working on it, I first want to solve the problem about the forces.

Here is the link with the scene and the matlabscript:

Thank you in advance!

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