V-REP vr Interface v2.0

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V-REP vr Interface v2.0

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There is a new release version of the V-REP VR interface available.

Release notes
- Changed to VTK 8.2
- Objects can now be dynamically loaded after the interface booted (option to disable this is in HTC_VIVE object)
- Headset pose is now also available in V-REP
- Basic interactions can be imported as models (dummies) that can be attached to controllers
- All controller signals that VTK provides are now available in V-REP (20 integer signals + 12 float signals)
- A shift of textures is visible in the interface (think of conveyor belts etc)
- Added menu model. This allows the definition of menu text and corresponding functions, that when these texts are selected in VR, trigger the execution of the functions in V-REP.
- The interface respects visibility layers. Visibility layers can be changed after the interface booted.

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