How to enhance the speed of simulation

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How to enhance the speed of simulation

Post by yuntao »

I am developing an project about rainforcement learning with V-REP. But the speed of simulation is too slow to meet my requirements. The robot in my scene costs about 1 to 2 seconds every step when it moves via joint command.

The operating mechanism of my code is redis-b0-lua, the vrep lua script communicate with a python script via b0 to send and recieve message, and then send and recieve message via redis to RL program.

Maybe some mistakes occur in my vrep setting, can you help me to speed my simulation process?

Looking forward to your help.

Yours sincerely,

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Re: How to enhance the speed of simulation

Post by coppelia »

Hello Yuntao,

next V-REP release will offer the possibility to control the simulation loop from an external Python application. This way, the communication overhead will completely be removed.
That should come within 1-2 weeks.


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Re: How to enhance the speed of simulation

Post by RobAtLab »

Simulation itself can be made faster by using the simplified shapes to build up your physics engine enabled structures, avoiding meshes where possible and especially avoiding concave objects. You can use compounds of simple shapes to form your parts. If you disable any un-necessary proximity sensor that also helps, you can also speed things up by having them use explicit handling so they only check distances when you call them from scripts rather than taking time each step to check readings even when such readings aren't required by what the robot is doing.

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